Fire Alarm Products

Computer-aided life safety system designs, monitoring, preventive maintenance, on-site service and installation of systems and accessories from manufacturers on the cutting edge will give you a safe and worry-free environment. Fail-Safe represents a wide selection of manufacturers including but not limited to:  Gamewell  Space Age Electronics  Harrington Signal  Mircom  Secutron/Summit  EvaxSystems (Voice Evax)  Cornell (Rescue…
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Nurse Call Products

The same excellent system design and installation, 24-hour on-site service and preventive maintenance, are also available on our featured nurse call products from:  Jeron  Mircom  Cornell Communications   Aiphone
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From basic time recorders to cutting edge computerized systems, Fail-Safe will supply effective solutions for your record keeping and time management needs.  Amano  Lathem    
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